Nanovna software

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Nanovna software

I have not gone though it myself but it may be of interest. Meanwhile: has anyone successfully run software V1. Almost all my PCs are running under this operating system. Have only one old, lame horse left running Windows 7, which is no fun. Another question: are there other resources for firmware updates, PC software etc. They are in chinese language, but the pictures are almost self explaining.

Tried to load a s2p-file but get "Unhandeled exception". Was a standard s2p file as used by Ansoft Designer, so I do not know why it was rejected. So ist there anything special in s2p files used by nanoVNA?

Any experience? I saw somewhere there is a 4 trace version. Then I can see if the problem is related to Windows or my s2p files. Thanks for you help. Not being a SW person, I'm lost if it doesn't work.

I'm really impressed with the little guy.?? I have use much more expensive equipment, and this is good for ham work. Have you planed to make this C software open source?

There's no plan for open source nanovnasharp in the short term. The M firmware will comply with the gnu License and open source after fixing some errors. But cant get the com port to forward through. A problem lots have and i am sure when I am more awake I'll get wine there.

Is there any plans for a native Linux version I would be happy to help with testing and coding as far as I mono would run this program quite happily just there is no support for winforms : maybe a work around can be found. Failing that Is there a list somewhere of the serial commands and responses to adn from the device and I'll take a stab at a Linux client myself.

nanovna software

I have had no issue loading Touchstone snp files from my simulator tool and from the nanoVNA.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Affordable SDR for everyone. Connect your favorite gear. Affordable portable and bench scopes--DIY kits available! Spectrum and network analyzers to fit every budget!

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NanoVNA Is A $50 Vector Network Analyzer

NanoVNA bundle is an open-hardware vector network analyzer designed by ttrftech GitHub which will allow you to test most of your RF equipment with ease. A portion of all proceeds of this bundle is paid to the ttrftech team to continue and further NanoVNA development. NanoVNA includes a 2. SWR, phase and smith chart capability. Measurement capability of at least 50kHzMHz--and beyond with appropriate custom firmware note that specifications may be lower outside of the intended frequencies of operation.

Frequency accuracy is 0.

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USB cable is included. Please, log in or register. Search: Search. Nooelec Webstore. Welcome to Nooelec!

Testing NanoVNA

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Oscilloscopes Affordable portable and bench scopes--DIY kits available! Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Product Downloads.There was a time when oscilloscopes were big and expensive. Now you can get scopes of various sizes and capabilities on nearly any budget. Spoiler alert: he likes it.

The device uses a rechargeable battery if you need to haul it up to an antenna tower, for example. Just as a quick test, you can see early in the video the analysis of a rubber duck antenna.

The device shows return loss as a plot and you can use a cursor to precisely measure the values.

nanovna software

It also shows a Smith chart of the reactance. You need software from Google Drive and you can also get the manuals from there.

#359 NANOVNA USB control from PC using NANOVNAsharp

In addition, there are additional firmware files available so you can reflash the instrument. For example, you can limit the top frequency to MHz or select a larger font. According to the manual, the instrument has better performance under MHz.

There is also provisions for calibrating the device in the field. This is so depressing. Beautiful toy…. Im in the same boat! It comes without any case if you add your own case plastic is better and you need a computer to display your charts and graphics.

Same chips and connections though. Not a sensitive spectrum analyzer; could use a gain block between the mixer and log-det. If you want it for network analyzer, antenna sweeper, get the BG antenna bridge and calibration plugs, detailed in top links.

More links there. It outputs a square wave instead of a sine wave and output above MHz seems to be broken. And in the first video, he reviews it without knowing this. Some of the low-end VNAs from more renowned brands like Keysight also outputs squarewave. As long as you are not measuring a broadband active device the result is as good as with a sine wave. You can use a band-pass filter to measure something active, but the calibration is non-trivial.

Things are always depending… for somebody working on Very Low Freq the 50khz is too low. The fancy name masks their function, really a display, a generator and a receiver. But i integrated, it makes it much easier. At one point I created an excel spreadsheet that would calculate component values for different matching networks and interfaced with AutoCAD in which I had created a replica of the Smith chart.

It would plot the s-parameters and impedances over frequency of whatever network components the spreadsheet calculated.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing.

Some PC Software for NanoVNA

Print Search. Quote from: joeqsmith on August 01,am. Do they go blank, flash? Can you even use them? Service packs? Video card? If that one feature worked, I wouldn't have gone down this path. How electrically robust is your meter?? Yes they do work, they come up as a floating "hint box". They do flash, it looks like if the cursor moves just by a pixel then the whole box is redrawn. I looked at the date but I think it's when it was download and unpacked. There isn't a version in the About page as you would normally find in a released program.

With mine, I can't get the box to stop flashing. Sometimes the thing will just go blank. It's impossible to read the values being displayed. I plan to show it as part of my demo. I downloaded the one from your link and unpacked it. It has a different size than the one I tried to use.

Your's does appear to be older, but may actually work.Due care is required in test setup, calibration, and operational methods to fully realize nanoVNA accuracy. This manual applies to nanoVNA firmware release 0. A VNA performs measurements on one-port or two-port networks. A two-port network has input and output plus ground s.

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A one-port network has only an input and ground. S11 Magnitude - return from network input port referenced to the signal sent to that port.

S11 Phase - the phase angle of return from network input port referenced to the signal sent to that network. Overclocked nanoVNA Si is somewhat temperature sensitive. For best performance, allow nanoVNA to warm for 10 minutes before calibrating or measuring, but also avoid overheating. All measurements are calculated relative to other measurements. In most cases, this other measurement will be an instrument or fixture calibration.

Measurement accuracies thus directly depend on reference calibrations. Return measurements are extremely sensitive to fixture configurations.

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Great care must be used making S11 measurements to obtain reasonably accurate data. For example, a single ohm connector adaptor less than 1 inch long introduces measurable phase delay in return signals. Properly set up, nanoVNA can resolve connector adaptor lengths. Practically, calibrations should include connector adaptors as used in actual measurements. VNA S21 dynamic range is limited by the receiver noise figure mostly cross-talk. S11 dynamic range is limited by bridge directivity, then stimulus harmonics power and mixer response above MHz.

VNA basic resolution is 0.As regular readers are well aware, my main PC runs Linux Mint, and has for many years.

Software Installation

The big problem is that this program is closed source, so no one in the community can help to improve or fix the code. Naturally, I turned to the interwebs to look for an open source alternative that could run on Linux.

I figured there had to be one or that one would be released soon, since the virtual serial port protocol for the NanoVNA had already been documented by people on the NanoVNA mailing list. Broberg, 5Q5R. Of course, YMMV, since you may have to install some dependencies before you can get it to run.

nanovna software

Also, it requires Python version 3. You can also save and display reference traces, which is of course quite useful. Hats off to Rune for providing such a valuable resource to the community. I installed with pip3 install PyQt5 install it installed ok would be nice if nanovna-saver could be installed as a snap. I am attempting to install nanovna-saver on Linux Mint 19 bit, following the procedure at github. Larry, if I had to guess, I think that probably stems from running a bit distro.

I run Linux Mint Skip to content. Thanks for the suggestions, Jason. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Info in this page is the result of much google searching. I try to link back to the source pages in every case. Apologies if I forgot anything. A lot of the info applies to any operating system. For the software download steps from Linux or MacOS, check out this link. I will refer to that page for a couple of things. It's not always clear which one you are getting, since some identify it on the label, some don't, and on some it's incorrect.

Fat fingers don't work as well and leave fingerprints. Note it down because that tells you where to get your software updates. Anothe important item is the version - in my case v0. That will tell you if you need to upgrade.

Consult the github page for your board - you know, the one I told you to note down in the preceding section. When you get to the page, don't let all the directory stuff and files at the top of the page scare you.

The main download page is here with lots of instructions. I had that problem too. User Oristo in the NanoVna forum here had the solutionwhich I'm shamelessly copying here. The first method worked for me. In each of those driver subfolders is an installer. The devices ship with the VNA software. You need to pick which one you want.

What's the difference between the two? Info on the AA version seems to be pretty sparse as of this writing late Dec Let me know if you find something.

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If you're following along properly, you have identified which NanoVNA version you have, and you know where to get the releases. If you don't, go back to the top of this page, get yourself a caffeinated beverage, drink it, and read it again. That helps confirm that you are on the right page. If you don't see it:. The releases on the page are the sort-of-official releases that are judged to be significant and reliable enough for release by the developers.

Keeners can go right to the source and pick up interim releases to get new features early.


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