Om617 toyota wiring

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Om617 toyota wiring

Talk me into a TDI vs. I've been debating furiously whether to go with a 1. To make such a decision, I normally go with a combination of hard facts and gut feeling, but a lot of the facts are a wash and the gut feeling is being indecisive.

The other consideration is fuel economy: the TDI is absolutely more efficient, and weighs nearly pounds less, further improving city fuel economy as well as handling and tire wear. I can swallow the initial cost of the engine, and grudgingly live with its timing belt.

Incompatibility with veggie oil is a minor drawback but not a dealbreaker. I've asked Benz-biased owners for their take - their trump card is the OM's formidable reliability record as one of the longest-running car engines ever made, installed in vehicles closer to my rig's weight than the average Golf or Jetta. Yeah, I know they've started putting TDI's in the Amarok and whatnot, but we have yet to see how long those last when used like trucks.

I don't like their physical size and their increased fuel consumption - I expect mpg with the OM, and with the TDI, pushing a 2-ton 4x4 box. So VW-biased owners, what say you? I'm sorry no one ever responded to you. I have the same question. I have a 4runner with om that is almost out of the shop. I'm so excited to test it out.

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I'm looking to do another swap into a Toyota pickup, and have the same question. I have several TDIs and love the cars. I just struggle to think that a 1.

What did you end up doing?

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TDI s : vw golf tdi gone to greener pasturesford f powerstroke. That's awesome, congrats! I doubt you'll hear from the OP as his last activity here was 7 years ago. I'd try something new with a tdi swap on the next one. As far as running a VW 1.

Mercedes-Benz Service Manual

Regarding your loom, it should be relatively simple to run it standalone for another vehicle, I know there's a company on here that make standalone harnesses for the ALH and similar EDC15 engines, so it might be worth checking that out. It's also much easier to get high fuel economy out of an ALH with an ECU, due to the wide array of tuning that can take place vs a purely mechanical setup. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards.

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Almost done om617 swap, alternator question

Unit Conversions. TDIClub Chat. Thank You.Remember Me? Site Navigation. Hey all, I've got some electrical problems that I cannot seem to figure out. Truck has been in working order, I was doing some rerouting of wires to make the swap more 'clean', and now the key does nothing. All the fuses in the drive kick panel and in the engine bay are good Put the key in, buzzer sounds, turn to acc, nothing, turn to on, nothing still.

Had a blown ignition fuse after some rewiring. In my haste, I had the battery connected and a live wire touched the block, sparked, i'm guessing that's what blew the fuse. What else is connected to that fuse? I think it's either a ground somewhere, or a relay?

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om617 toyota wiring

Mark Forums Read. User Tag List. Thread Tools. Rate Thread. Beardedclam Junior Member. Join Date: Jul Posts: Electrical problems, om swap Hey all, I've got some electrical problems that I cannot seem to figure out.

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View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Beardedclam. Posting Rules. Similar Threads.Our Address. Kings Mills, OH Long and short that engine turned out to need a short block so I bought another one and ended up rebuilding it from the ground up.

I made a custom adapter plate to mate the OM to the rf Toyota transmission. I re drilled the Toyota flywheel to fit the Mercedes crankshaft as well as machined a custom pilot bearing adapter. I just finished the engine build and am working on hooking everything back up. Being a 21 year old college student makes time tight at times.

Here are some pics. Here is the truck I am working with. Here is the Mercedes as I was removing the engine. Removing the 3VZ-E out of the truck. Machining the pilot bearing adapter. Making the adapter plate. Wood template transferred to steel. Redrilled Flywheel.

om617 toyota wiring

Clutch Installed and pilot bearing adapter. Dropping the engine for the test fit and motor mount fabrication. Rebuild process from start to finish. Here are my custom motor mounts… not pretty but they work. As of tonight the engine has been run on the stand and performed flawlessly. It is back in the truck and the truck. I have many more pictures and information if anyone wants any info. Thanks Guys! Hey idk if your still on here but howd the swap turn out….

Now this is what I call entertainment! You do all the work and I simply sit back and enjoy it! Thanks for sharing son! February 18, at am PowerstrokeJoe Participant.Privacy Terms. Quick links. Thought I'd share some of what I've got going on.

om617 toyota wiring

Most of this is reposted from peachparts forum and, I'll clean it up in the next few days. Will add photos later as well. This swap currently has miles on it, but is undriveable as I fix some things that were made to work, not look good. My plan so far is to keep the om stock for the swap, and to keep the Toyota body and internals as stock as possible -Fab some simple engine mounts with a plate of steel and some premade engine mounts like these, with steel stock welded to the frame to attach these to LINK -Use the MB PS bracket and pump mated to the Toyota PS gearbox, getting rid of the crossover hardlines.

I used a 14mm to 16mm adapter listed here -Toyota alt mounted to the MB alt location and modified bracket, using all Toyota wiring, minor filing needed on 'engine front' side of alternator pivot -Toyota starter mated to transfer plate -No AC since I live in Western WA For the vacuum shutoff on the engine, I plumbed a line from the main vacuum pump tubing to supply vacuum to toyota part and from there to the vacuum shutoff port on the IP with a check valve close to the pump, and a slit cut into the vacuum line to bleed the vacuum off.

That way, when the car is 'on' the vacuum is closed on the vsv, and when the car is 'off' the port opens and pulls vacuum on the IP, then shortly thereafter, the vacuum is drained from the bleed hole enabling a restart. Plumbing for the line goes to the single port side for the vacuum source, and then the I ended up culling a bunch of the electrical system the other day, and was left with very little going into the ECU.

This diagram shows what was eliminated Here is a summary of what it took and pictures will be added as I can take them: -Adapter plate to mate MB om Throttle adapter Glow plug wiring and placement A-Pillar gauges Glow plugs and auxillary switch Fan relay wiring, stuffed into the fuse box Repositioned transmission, inside view Here's some more from the last round of project time Mustang hood scoop in ford metallic blue Centered, templated, and ready to drill Driled and secured. Re: OM Interesting project.

You might get more interest over on the marlin crawler forum. I have my diesel swapped 4Runner build thread over there.Started by shasharep General 4WD Discussion. Started by Dr. MCR19 Registration is now open!

91 Toyota Pickup – Benz Om617 Diesel [Archive] – Cummins 4Bt

Click for event thread. Hello everyone! New guy here. I have been reading lots of very informative posts since I decided to take on this project. I have a mercedes benz om diesel engine that is going into a 79 toyota pickup. I originally planned on using a w56 transmission but now I am debating on going with an rf.

I have two gear driven 21 spline transfer cases, one with a top shift other with forward shift. Basically my choice in transmissions comes down to what flywheel would be best to use. The crankshaft has an 8 bolt flange and across the center the bolt holes are spaced 75mm oc.

The outer diameter of the mercedes ring gear is about or mm. The hole in the center of the flywheel is I see that the flywheel for the 3. I can make an adapter spacer if needed but would rather not in case of added vibrations.

I am ok with drilling or machining the toyota flywheel. The more important piece of information I need is the outer diameter and center hole diameter of the v6 flywheel.

Since the v6 flywheel has the 8 bolt mount I think it may be a better choice for ease of drilling new holes. If this is doable I will start looking for an rf. I greatly appreciate any information anybody has.

I haven't found anyone else that has done this swap. Ok, so I found the dimensions for the toyota 3. It is The original benz flywheel is I am planning on drilling new bolt holes in the flywheel unless I get really lucky and they are the same.Forums New posts Search forums.

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First Drive in the TDI Swapped Toyota Pickup!!

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Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 14 of 23 Go to page. DPV said:. A question for the masses: Where is the best place for the voltage regulator to "remote" sense voltage in the system? If I remember correctly, sensing at the battery would be dumb because there is voltage drop between the battery and whatever it's powering. In this case the voltage regulator believes it is doing it's job and maintaining voltage at the battery, but voltage will be low at the point of use.

I guess I need to pull out a wiring diagram and see where the voltage regulator sensed voltage? Another problem is the rat's nest of wiring, but that's whole other issue Paging Coolerman and bj40green. DPV ForceFed What happens after the battery is another problem. Bad contacts, too much load on the wires, wrong wire sizes all are responsible for voltage loss.

From the link you posted above: 3-Wire Explained Wire 2: Remote Voltage Sense Input It is better to run the sense wire away from the alternator and over to the power terminal post near the battery.

This will ensure that the system voltage is properly maintained. This is the same explanation as the Toyota diagram that I posted. I'm trackin', but this alternator has 2 posts. One for a 12V switched source, and one for charging the battery. I think I might just send this one back and use a GM 3 wire. I understand how that one should be hooked up. To update everyone: I'm sending the "A" unit back.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Russia- Land-Cruiser.

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Almost done om swap, alternator question. Thread starter FJmoneypit Start date Jul 20, Am just about finished with the Mercedes om swap into my 76 My stock alternator wiring is 1 large wire with ring terminal and 2 smaller wires in a plug. The Mercedes alternator has 2 large wires and 1 smaller wire. My understanding is to run both large wires off the alternator to the positive battery post. What about the small wire and the stock 40 wires?

As of now I have power to everything without any of the alternator wires stock and Mercedes being hooked up.


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