Wow max resolution

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Wow max resolution

So I understand that Classic is using a 1. Does that mean Classic will support native 4k? Or will you have to do some workarounds for it to work?

wow max resolution

And has blizzard improved the textures in Classic to support higher resolutions? Or do people go with higher resolutions just so they can have smaller interfaces? I believe it does. I prefer the ultra wide. Keep in mind, you may want to go into your interface options and change the UI scale.

Gsync was working for me if anyone was wondering. Turning grass up caused the biggest increase in demand dragging it down to fps. Also noted the client only really hammered two CPU cores. Overclocked CPUs will help more than having more cores. I tested with my CPU overclocked to 5. So wow classic is better optimized but if you are going to run a crazy high resolution at hz you are going to need a beefy video card.

At p though I think people are going to be really happy and for those with higher res, higher refresh rate, and top of the line videocards you are going to be happy to see your hardware fully utilized.

For me, shadows was the killer. I dont have a 4k so i havent tested to see how grainy it would be or not… But I have a really large widescreen monitor and dont have issues with using higher resolutions. It does support native 4k We also tested and yes a ti can play at 8k. Just hope the final release of classic has vsync fixed, didnt work for me on stress test.

What was your res? I played around with shadows but decided I liked the new shadow and lighting system.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Perhaps not. This can be achieved in other ways with more complex anti-aliasing techniques, but GPUs now have enough juice to dispense with the subtlety and just render things much more sharply behind the scenes.

Both are displaying at p, the maximum resolution of many standard monitors. The results of applying super-sampling techniques can vary from system to system, and even game to game. These games can handle 60 frames per second even when over-rendered.

Note that only a few games support the latter option at the moment. This method is going to force Windows itself to render images at greater resolution than would normally be possible. You can simply set the resolution higher before beginning your game and adjust the rendering resolution as necessary.

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Some recent games allow rendering of game elements at higher resolution than native maximum. Image source: AMD. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Skip to content. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Want to know more?OK, so I play on a Gaming isn't the primary use, but it works just fine. Anyway, before the update which reset all the game settings personalized controls, graphics settings, etc and introduced some new graphics settings for the game, everything was just fine.

Everything was big enough to see, the resolution was good I run medium settings with some personalized thingsno performance issues. After the update, the resolution was changed, so everything on the screen was much smaller.

It set to higher resolution. This was still find, but everything was so much smaller that I was uncomfortable and wanted to change back to my original settings. The problem was I couldn't remember what they were. So I played around a little, and got two results. One was everything was fine, but the resolution made everything tiny.

The other was the game was sized for my preference, but everytime I exited or entered the game window, everything else on the computer web browsers, etc resized in a weird way. This is really irritating, because it's basically impossible to switch between WOW and anything else. Then I got on the PTS. I was able to find a setting that had everything back to normal, correctly sized game, no graphics changes on the rest on the computer. I took a screen-shot. It's attached. Back the the live client.

I can get the PTS to work, but not the actual game? Right now I have the game set at by in full-screen with aspect ratio at auto.

This means the game is a comfortable resolution for me, but every time I switch back to the desktop everything is resized.

I know a little about graphics settings, but I'm no expert. What I want is to get my game settings to match the screenshot. Any ideas on how to do that?

wow max resolution

That screenshot is from the PTS and is the one that works. I can't replicate it on the live server.

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I'm not sure why this would be happening. I would recommend sending in a ticket to Customer Support and see if they can help you out. The only thing we can see here is the screen shot provided that says "windowed". Niko, I can get bybut I find it too small to comfortably look at. What I'm trying to find is a resolution that doesn't wreak havoc with the rest of my computer's graphics.

The screen-shot I put up is from the PTS, which works great for me, but I can't replicate it on the live server.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 11 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: Uncertain about WoW's resolution. Uncertain about WoW's resolution. For the past two or so years I've been playing with a x resolutions and I was always under the impression that was correct.

However a while ago some of my guild members pointed out that my screenshots looked a little funny and asked about my resolution. They said x was the resolution I should be using, and I believe they are correct because that's the resolution of my screen. After switching main characters I decided to completely replace my UI with a brand new one and change the resolution while I'm at it.

However I don't think this is correct. The ''new'' x resolution squishes everything down and I have the feeling I'm looking through a fisheye lens.

I'm merely wonder if something fishy is going on or if I'm just too used to my old resolution. As a comparison, the first image is what my screenshots now look like screenshots now do come out correct and the 2nd one is roughly what it looks like on my screen. Reply With Quote. Last edited by mmocbae19de; at PM.

Veteran vanilla player - I was 31 back in when I started playing WoW - Nostalrius raider with a top raid guild. Last edited by Flaim; at PM. I have to agree with your friend.

World of Warcraft Classic System Requirements

You none X screenshot looks like its been squish horizontally. It is also usually best to use your monitors Native resolution. Originally Posted by Kaosbringer. What resolution are you using in windows? You also need to figure out what aspect ratio your monitor is.

When you've found out what ratio your monitor it change the settings both in wow and in your Operative system. ALSO, if you're using a small HDTV as a monitor my computer desk is essentially my entertainment system in my bedroom with all my consoles and blu ray player, etc Your display may be squeezing your image because it's not set to the appropriate picture size setting.

In short, there is no "right" resolution. But if you want to optimize: Find out if you have a "standard" or a "widescreen" display. If you have an older widescreen, you might have a ratio screen, in which, if memory serves me right, x was generally the best resolution for the time. Once you know what ratio your screen is, find out what your monitor's native and maximum resolutions are. Look up a list of resolutions compatible with your ratio and experiment.

Make sure your picture settings on your display are set appropriately as well. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution is, the crisper your image, but also the smaller the details.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account?

Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 11 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM.

WoW max resolution not high enough?

Thread: Render scale. Render scale So what is exactly the purpose of render scale? With all of the graphical details turned to Ultra and Ultra High all I get from moving this setting from to is a massive fps decrease, no improvement in the graphics. Burn it. Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by Synthium.

So what is exactly the purpose of render scale? Originally Posted by Tarien. It's upscaling. The upside is that it makes things sharper, and reduces 'jaggies'. It is apparent for that reason that it's very taxing on your system, and the benefit is somewhat similar to that of anti-aliasing. I don't want to pretend I know the absolute details of which is more efficient since it'd depend entirely on which type of AA you're using.

Maybe someone else can tell you what gives the best performance vs quality balance in WoW!

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Doing both upscaling and heavy anti-aliasing is generally overkill, and some AA methods specifically use upscaling or supersampling. Last edited by Sephurik; at PM. Originally Posted by Sephurik. Yeah which would explain why I can not see any difference at all. Last edited by Topher; at PM. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Social Media.So what is my resolution? To answer your question, the resolution scale is basically a zoom feature and makes everything bigger.

You are still technically playing at the same resolution you set before but things are just made bigger in view. As for why your colours go a bit weird, you mention that this happens on a TV set. If you switch between these modes often called things like Sport or Movie mode it might help alter the colour pallet. Hopefully that helps sort things out for you. The second option determines instead the resolution used to render the game within the above mentioned rendering window.

In such a case the game window will have a size of xand the game itself will render at the same resolution. Neither and both. Frames will be rendered with a higher resolution Oversampling so effectively with more pixels, and then resized to match the Window Size.

This offers usually a relatively small boost to visual quality, noticeable mostly on edges and textures, at the cost of some extra processing power. Hello again Vraudulus. This is absolutely correct for the first part, in order to play in 4K the Window Size resolution needs to be set p. Hard to give you a specific answer here, as it is mostly a matter of personal preference.

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You need to find a balance between visual quality and FPS, a balance that you like to play with For some players having a ton of FPS is more important than having extra quality, while others are fine running the game with lower FPS but with stunning visuals. Resolution question Support Technical Support.

Ahoy Vraudulus. I still play at 2k? The resolution scale option is just a ZOOM in? NOT a pixel booster? How come 1k, 2k collors are fine, but when i turn 4k its deep and wierd? How do i get 4k at normal collors? So help me understand this correct. Hello again Vraudulus I think Allnon may have covered already a big portion of your questions, but to recap: This is correct This is absolutely correct for the first part, in order to play in 4K the Window Size resolution needs to be set p.My Account.

Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 11 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:.

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Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by Cyanotical.

wow max resolution

I am looking forward to buying a 32" x monitor, and this resolution is beyond comprehension for me. Sorry for off-topic.

Originally Posted by Fierae. I also have a K clocked at 4. Originally Posted by May Last edited by MasterNewbie; at PM.

Except surround resolutions, man does it HATE them - scrolling combat text is about 10x the size it should be, frames cack about a lot. Also - bear in mind, at 4K resolution, you've got around 8. Originally Posted by MasterNewbie.

World Of Warcraft fps ingame 1440p Max Settings 10 - 2080Ti - 9900K - bestware Crystal 57x

It is CPU bound. Having 12 logical processors clocked at 4.

wow max resolution

A K clocked to 4. Remember you're using architecture from 2 generations ago. Originally Posted by Faithh.

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Wow uses all 12 threads though. This game has like 1 big major thread followed up by a 2nd major thread thats a tiny bit smaller, a 3rd one thats a lot smaller and tons of 50 threads orsomething that are extremely minor.

The annoying thing is that you cant split the 2 major threads over a 2nd core thats why you're cpu bound mainly per core performance. Fluorescent - Fluo - currently retired, playing other stuff ik 4. Originally Posted by noladrew. Could we get a picture or something to see what this even looks like in game? Uh no, see above, your gpus are chilling in heaven.

5 Best Graphics Cards for World of Warcraft (2020) – Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands

That's exactly why. Engine optimisation could be another major factor. Originally Posted by Marquize. I believe that an accurate description of the WoW engine is "It's made to work on pretty much anything but it won't run well on anything", meaning that it can be played on 8 years old computer and still be enjoyable on low settings but even with the latest in computer technology you'd have trouble always running on top FPS if you want to max out the settings.

Originally Posted by Shinzai. This is WoW at x, was trying out various bezel corrections a while back. Their load works very different than cpu's.


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